Senin, 22 April 2024

A multi-stakeholder Forum as An Approach to Address Partnership and Land Tenure Conflicts in North Konawe District, Southeast Sulawesi

Mutmainnah, Mutmainnah1*; Alfian, Alfian1; Djafar, Fitria Nur Indah1; Tumora, Imran1; and Rauf, M. Aris1

1Komunitas Teras, Jl. Konasara No. 4, Kelurahan Bonggoeya, Kendari



Economic development is often the main justification for the destructive and exploitative use of land. On the other hand, the status of the land versus the corporate domination, and the local government authority place the community as the victim of the signed policy, thus a conflict of each becomes inevitable. This study aims to identify the most possible approach that is applicable to build a good medium of communication between three stakeholders: local government, community, and private sector. This medium of communication then expected to generate land tenure management that fair in three pillars of development: economy, social, and environment. Moreover, this study uses the Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) method as the best way to gain the information to have a good understanding related to the issue and of each stakeholder’s perspective. The study finds that; indeed, each stakeholder needs a good communication medium to explain the policy. The conflict between the partner-community and the private sector is caused by the absence of direct communication of each where the private sector finds it difficult to explain the benefit-share and other issues that occur to the partner-community. Hence, this study concludes that it needs a multi-stakeholder forum that is trusted and independent that could stand as communication media for each to discuss. Besides, one thing to notice is that the establishment of the forum requires careful preparation and once each stakeholder is ready, the multi-stakeholder forum can be the most effective communication medium.


Keywords: multi-stakeholder communication, community-company partnership, Participatory Rapid Appraisal.



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